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TCJC’s Top (20)20 List

TCJC’s Top (20)20 List


This year, the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition turned 20 — and, as always, the TCJC team has been working to ensure that our mission is meeting the moment. Over the past several months, as the interconnected challenges of COVID-19 and racial injustice have earned the national spotlight, we have seen calls for improved health and safety approaches. As...

Bail Blog Series: Jail Conditions

Jail isn’t a great place. But it’s not supposed to be, right? It’s a “bad” place for “bad” people. That’s okay then; jails are what they’re supposed to be.

For too many years, this embarrassingly childish way of thinking created tension between my perception of jails and the values of humane treatment. I, like many outsiders, never actively wanted jails...

Bail Blog Series: An Introduction

Each courtroom in the United States houses an American flag. When judges bruise their benches with gavels, it happens under the watch of our stripes and stars. Like all the other neighbors in my sleepy Iowa town, naivety and the protection of middle-class suburbia let me grow up believing that the threads of our flag are woven with liberty and...

Mitigating Disaster: Urgent and Just Responses to COVID-19 in the Texas Justice System

March 16, 2020

The Honorable Greg Abbott
Office of the Texas Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, TX 78711

Mitigating Disaster: Urgent and Just Responses to COVID-19 in the Texas Justice System

Dear Governor Abbott:

Thank you for quickly halting visitation in Texas prisons and jails across the state in response to the grave threat that a COVID-19...

What Good Bail Reform Looks Like in Texas (And How We’ll Get There)

An incarcerated person with his hands on the bars

On any given day, more than 60% of the people held in county jails across Texas have not been convicted of the crime with which they’re charged. These 40,000 people are incarcerated, draining important county resources and watching their jobs, families, and quality of life crumble, simply for being unable to pay their bail amount.

“Innocent until proven guilty”...


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