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Policy Work

Youth Justice

We want fewer kids entering youth or adult prisons, more kids kept closer to home, trauma-informed programming, and a path to redemption for those who can prove they merit a second chance.

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Adult Justice

We want lower prison and jail populations – with effective, community-based treatment and supervision, and fairness in sentencing – as well as safer prison conditions and more opportunities for a successful reentry.

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Women's Justice

We want to stem the tide of women’s incarceration, improve their conditions of confinement and expand their access to services, and help women safely and successfully return to their families and communities.

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Interactive County Data Dashboards

Harris County

This dashboard visualizes over 800,000 Harris County criminal court dispositions dating back to 2010 using historical data provided by the Harris County District Clerk. Although these are public record, we have removed identifying information and obscured addresses to protect individual identities. 

Harris County Dashboard


Dallas County

This dashboard visualizes over 113,000 Dallas County criminal court cases between 2017 and 2018. Data on misdemeanor cases were provided by the Dallas County Clerk's office through a public information request. Data on felony cases were downloaded from the Dallas County Clerk's website.

Dallas County Dashboard


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Ending the year in celebration with a Texas women's dignity retreat!

To close out this year’s progress on TCJC’s “Justice for Women” campaign, we took to the mountains—or, more accurately, the hills! From November 8-10, formerly incarcerated women, advocates, and service providers who have been... Read more >

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Spotlight: Drug Treatment in Harris County

Diverted Opportunities: Gaps in Drug Treatment for Justice System-Involved Populations in Harris County, Texas

Jurisdictions across Texas are using diversion programs for people charged with drug offenses; participants in the programs can get treatment instead of a prison or jail term. But for diversion programs—and their participants—to be successful, jurisdictions must have adequate treatment services to handle the demand. TCJC’s Jay Jenkins and the Rice Baker Institute for Public Policy surveyed treatment providers in Harris County (Houston) and identified key gaps in care for Texans seeking drug treatment.