TCJC Policy Areas: The Path to a Brighter Future for Texas

Youth Justice
To keep Texas children safe and healthy, we must ensure they are on the right path, and that they receive the supports they need in an age-appropriate setting. Click for more!

Policing & Community Safety
Restoring trust between communities and law enforcement is critical to ensuring that all Texans can live in stable, thriving neighborhoods without violence. Click for more!

Pretrial & Defense
With the majority of people in county jails simply awaiting trial, Texas must implement better strategies to address the bail and bond system, and ensure adequate representation for all who cannot afford it. Click for more!

Alternatives to Incarceration
We must continue to lower Texas’ crime and incarceration rates, and adopt safe and effective policies that help people address their behavior in settings outside of prison and jail. Click for more!

Conditions of Confinement
Texas must ensure that every person who is housed or who works within prison walls has safe, sanitary conditions and is protected from abuse. Click for more!

Parole & Reentry
It is crucial for people to be able to safely transition back into Texas communities and have opportunities to become productive, self-sufficient, and contributing members of society. Click for more!