Letter From The Director

Hello and welcome to our website!

I’m Leah Pinney, the Executive Director of the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC), which is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Austin and Houston, Texas. I work with a talented group of people who share their many years of experience and deep expertise to help build stronger families, safer communities, and a more effective justice system.  Our staff is based in Austin and Houston, but our work serves all people of Texas!

Our commitment to non-partisan, evidence-based research has been instrumental in shifting Texas’ longstanding tough-on-crime approach to one that is nationally recognized as more fair, effective, and rehabilitative, with supporters on both sides of the aisle now championing this smart-on-crime path for Texas.  TCJC’s research, education, and advocacy efforts have helped drive the passage of over 165 statewide justice policies and have influenced the use of best practices that improve criminal and youth justice systems across Texas. 

As there are thousands of individuals working in criminal and juvenile justice, and more than a half million Texans involved in the state’s justice system on any given day, we hope the information you find on our newly designed website will help YOU make a positive difference in the lives of your fellow Texans. 

  • Are you looking for resources to help someone you know who has been impacted by Texas’ criminal or juvenile justice system?  Check out our Tools for System-Involved Individuals page, as well as our searchable Texas County Resources database.
  • Are you looking for data about the number of people in your county impacted by juvenile and criminal justice practices? Our County Data Sheets page has comprehensive information about system-involved populations in many counties throughout Texas.
  • Are you a practitioner, stakeholder, or policy-maker seeking information about best practices or recommendations for an area of justice you care about?  Our Library, as well as our six Policy Area pages, contain a wealth of information about various policies and strategies that can positively impact criminal and youth justice systems in Texas.

I also invite you to learn more about our work, important reports and events, and other key news by signing up to receive our monthly e-updates.

Texas has come a long way in improving our criminal and juvenile justice systems, but there is still more we need to do!  If you agree, I invite you to join us in making a difference by becoming a donor and supporting our work at any level.  Your tax-deductible donation means we can continue to advance smart justice policies that will help build stronger families and safer, healthier communities for everyone.

Thank you for visiting TCJC.  Together, we can create a brighter future for Texas!

All the best,