Mission, Vision & Values


The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC) advances solutions and builds coalitions to end mass incarceration and foster safer Texas communities.

In our vision, all Texans live in safe, thriving communities where incarceration is rare and every person has the opportunity to succeed.

How TCJC Does Our Work

  • We conduct policy research and analysis on issues impacting the criminal and juvenile justice systems.
  • We draft policy proposals and make recommendations on relevant issue areas.
  • We form effective partnerships with key stakeholders on both sides of the aisle.
  • We lift the voices of those who are entangled in the system, who work in the system, and who are striving to improve the system.
  • We work with agency leadership to advance common goals.
  • We strive to identify county-specific solutions to address localized needs.
  • We create reports, fact sheets, and other educational materials on areas of needed improvement.
  • We provide invited and public testimony before legislative committees on relevant issues.
  • We provide “how to” information about passed legislation to assist implementation.
  • We provide helpful resources to community members, including through our Texas County Resources database and through flyers on how to navigate the youth and adult justice systems.
  • We respond to letters from incarcerated individuals seeking assistance, which allows us to identify patterns of systemic practices that must be addressed.
  • We provide advocacy trainings to interested groups.
  • We encourage public participation in the legislative process before, during, and after Texas’ legislative session.
  • We serve as a reliable source for the media.

What TCJC Does Not Do

  • We do not provide legal assistance or representation.
  • We do not endorse candidates.
  • We do not endorse specific products, services, or providers.


We believe that each Texan has inherent worth and can contribute to a vibrant, safe community.  The values below further this belief and lie at the heart of our work.  They inform our overarching policy goals and shape our daily interactions with community members, advocates, practitioners, agency leaders, and policy-makers.

We believe that a fair justice system is transparent and holds itself accountable to all those it serves.

Trauma, drug abuse, or mental health disorders too often result in justice system involvement.   We believe that these issues should be addressed not through incarceration but through compassionate care.

We believe that every individual who is impacted by the justice system deserves to be treated with respect and to have his or her needs addressed with dignity.

Texas is a vibrant state.  We value and celebrate each person’s contributions to our social and cultural fabric.

We believe that each Texan should have access to the individualized resources and support needed to live a safe, healthy life.

We believe that Texas will be safer and stronger when the justice system treats every person justly and impartially – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, income, disability, or sexual identity.

We believe that our families and communities can heal and thrive when we support meaningful opportunities for a second chance among those who choose to lead a productive, safe, law-abiding life.

We believe that Texas must continually strive to identify and implement the approaches that increase public safety and address the needs of those entangled in the justice system.  

We believe that justice should not be reserved for the wealthy.  The rights of every Texan must be protected, and every crime survivor deserves to have his or her voice heard and needs met.

We believe that Texas will have safer communities and healthier families when all individuals have the resources and opportunities to live up to their fullest potential and are encouraged to express their skills and talents.

We believe that Texas must acknowledge the value, potential, and dignity of every person when creating and implementing justice policies and practices that impact our communities and families.