Alternatives to Incarceration

Due to reforms enacted over the past 10 years, the incarceration rate in Texas is dropping and there are fewer people in prisons and state jails than at any time since 1997. The State Legislature has invested in pre-release treatment resources and intensive community supervision, and the result is a declining recidivism rate. We have learned that diverting people from prison improves public safety and decreases costs, especially when tied to effective treatment and rehabilitative services. Yet despite these strides, Texas incarcerates nearly 147,000 people in prisons and state jails annually – many for nonviolent offenses that would be better addressed through community-based treatment and supervision.

Sadly, Texas is not alone! Click here for a short video about mass incarceration in the U.S., its causes, its impact, and better alternatives. Video by the Alliance for Safety and Justice.

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